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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Sendong Survivor Story

I came across this story in Facebook and I thought of sharing it to all of you. I do not know them personally but, their struggle on the night of the flash flood speaks for the majority of the SENDONG SURVIVORS. I hope we will find strength and we will be inspired to trust God in times of a catastrophic event such as SENDONG. Keisha, I admire your faith and as I was reading your experience, you never faltered your trust to God. I was inspired by your courage. May all of us finds the Keisha in us. God bless us all.From Tina B.B:

"Just want to share the journal of my eldest daughter how she survived sendong typhoon."


It all started one night … December 16, all of us were joyful and extremely excited for what happened today and what will happen tomorrow. It was our last day of e...xams and on the next day it will be our Christmas party. Who would forget CHRISTMAS BREAK! They were wrapping gifts and as of me, I was busy planning my outfit. It wont be a party without an outfit right? Then on the middle of our joyous preparation, the lights went down. All were at fright but then in a while it came back and unseeingly mom was home. She prepared our so called ‘’Food-to-share’’. Then again the lights went off. Rain start pouring and we prayed it will come back. And yes it did. We were gathered in our sala and mom started telling us events that happened in her life and explaining to us the existence of heaven and hell. Well my little brother Ej didn’t understand the whole point of view so he fell asleep. And yes, they all did except for me. It was the end of a day for them and to me? It was not. I was busy texting with my friends then I was bored for quite some time. So I decided to watch the t.v. but there was no signal. It was all just BLANK. So I went to sleep. Got my bed, my pillow and who could forget my big yellow stuffed Pooh Bear.Then … I woke up by my mom’s voice. I checked my phone and it was 12:28 or something. I went down to the kitchen and GOSH my feet were wet! And I saw the water rising, raining was stomping and my mom waking up my siblings. Then I knew our life is at risk. My siblings woke up and still at shock. Then they started crying and panicking. I was there near the altar and a grab hold of St. Joseph and my phone. My dad went out, we all did. But we realized the water was too high and it’s rising fast. My mom was carrying Ej and they slipped! My tears start to fall because I realized we are in GREAT danger and the news we see on television? It was coming real to us and this isn’t a dream. My dad got Ej and John and he let them float in our couch. Obviously we can’t go out that way. We are freezing and yes the water was above our chest. HOW CAN WE SURVIVE?! Our life’s risk was at God.My mom went to the c.r and miraculously found a wood and bang! We heard the manhole open. We went there for it’s the only way to survive. And on our way, the big Mama Mary statue fell and we heard almost everything fell on water. We had nothing else to do but hope and pray. We were a family that night. We were nothing but soldiers fighting an enormous battle. Dad was our ladder to the manhole and my mom was the one who grabs us. What was the first thing in my mind? CAN WE EVEN MAKE IT?! Then first was Ej, John, Dessa and then I came next. I first hugged my dad and suddenly I was up on our dark, spooky attic. I was walking so that I could be close to my little brother holding St. Joseph. And in a second I was clinging to a wood on one hand and thinking if I can’t pull myself up I would drown. And I felt God, I remembered my Goal and so I did pull myself up and thank God I’m still alive. By that time on I was stronger. Then it was quiet. We were only hearing the sound of the water, the drops of the rain, and the sound of our breathing. My dad held us the statue of the Sacred Heart, its frame and some blankets to keep us warm. Then we prayed so hard that we only offer our life’s stake to His hands and will … Ate Mai, Ate Tin and I were texting our colleagues asking for help but no one replied. So we continued praying but then. The rain was pouring hard again and the water was rising. My mom asked dad to climb up but dad said he was too big to climb up. But mom insisted that she needs help in order for us to be on our rooftop. Then mom used the same wood to destroy our roof but it was too hard for a lady to do a job. And my dad realized how fatal the situation was. So he was up on his feet and quite some time we can climb on the roof. My siblings are crying then. But I didn’t because they needed me. So I led in praying again. My heart was beating and we were all freezing. Then it was time for us to go up the roof. Mom was first then Ej and Dessa. Honestly I was weak and I was scared that I don’t want to go up. But my dad pulled me and said that he’ll be there. So I went but then I slipped! I was weak but I can’t let myself fall to the water. So I crawled to mom and yes I was safe on the roof. We were up and john was up too. We were shivering because of the cold wind. I was about to lose my hope. Then I felt something in my pocket. It was my crystal Jesus and I gave it to mom and we started praying because I knew God is with me. My dad is saying sorry to my mom and as for me I was saying sorry too. It’s been quite some time that I wasn’t good.That moment was about faith, forgiveness, hope and pity. Pity because our neighbors are screaming for help and my tears fall because I know I can’t do anything. Then I remembered the people I interviewed in cala-cala. A place where there was a 80% chance that some of them might be dead. I was crying. I was in shock. I can’t do anything to help them but to pray. I thought of the little ones, the pregnant women, the hardworking men and the aged. I was lucky I was breathing to some of them; it’s the end of their life’s journey. After our prayer, the rain stopped and the water was slowly going down. It was dawn and the sky was starting to light up. We were back at the attic again and I got a text from my tita ella saying that they were at the same situation. We had nothing else to do but wait. Wait for a sign. Then I start giggling for some reason. December 17, the sun rose and the water subsided. My mom, my dad, ate Mai and ate Tin went down and started cleaning the place. But we were left in the attic. We had cookies and milk for breakfast. And miraculously our ref didn’t stumble upside down so it only means that our stack of food is still there. I thank God again. But the sad part remains. I was thinking of the things my parents worked hard for. The clothes and the rooms. The memories. Could this mean that we are leaving the house? Is this another beginning? I was depressed knowing those kinds of stuff. Then I saw the neighborhood. All were muddy and faces were at shock. There was crying and panicking. Then I heard that there were three people on our backyard fences and they were dead. The Saddest part was their love ones could be searching for them and they are missing for hours. For a moment I reflected. Our house was just messy but others they lost it. Our things wrecked to others it’s gone. Our clothes muddy to others it was gone too. To us it’s a new beginning to some it’s the end. We are blessed I can say, for we didn’t lost anyone because some are suffering for their dead worst is some are missing. Then I heard my dad saying that maybe anytime we would be off to lumbia so that we could rest. So it gave us a grin. We are hoping and waiting but then I knew it was hard to cross the thick mud in the road. So we went down and I was the first. Tears came down to my cheeks. The house was a total damaged and it was messy as I can imagine. But I stopped crying and went outside to see the dead and I did. I can’t take it so I went to see my room. When I was there, my eyes had bags of tears. My bed upside down, my books wet, my clothes full of mud and the floor was unexplainable. I was there in my room looking back at the memories I had in my room. I started crying again. Then I remembered my pooh because maybe it would make me feel better. So I wipe the tears off and went to mom’s room. Suddenly I saw the dresser, the bed and the cr totally dented beyond my imagination. Then I looked for my pooh. Earlier I said maybe if I see it, it would make me feel better. But it made me feel worse. It was wet and dirty. i started crying. I knew I can’t have it the next day because its too hard for it to be clean again. So I gave a hug and it was a goodbye and thanking it for the 14 years it was with me. It was time to go so we got dad’s big shirts and went outside to wait for the car to arrive. Yet the feeling outside was unbearable. There was a mountain of dirt that covered chow-chow (our car) and the pick-up car. And dobber (our dog)? We know he is dead inside his cage. A tragedy right? Then we were given food and water and the car arrived. Lucky I saved my purple bag and a charger. We passed the streets, homes and people. It was agonizing to see what result the flood gave. Every life was turned upside down. On our way we saw mommy 2’s car with auntie jane and tita chie. We transferred there and went off to lumbia. Yet the worst wasn’t seen yet. We passed the rotonda and we saw houses out of place. And the people? They were on the streets weeping. We passed the bridge and it was a terrible feeling seeing the house near the river washed away. We were in relief to be alive. We were soldiers in the night fighting a horrible battle. We were fighting to live. We were fighting for life. It was a battle our family will never forget. A battle where in our faith was tested and so was our trust. A battle that were beaten just by a matter of prayer. But that on we knew our greatest weapon is GOD. We had our second life and now it’s time to renew our ways. We confess and we will be forgiven. We pray and we were never alone. Matthew 7:7 “Ask and it will be given; Seek and you will find; Knock and the door will be opened for you.” At present we are leaving at our grandmother. We are safe. Yet our minds and hearts are still weeping. Not only to our lose but to others who had worst. In this battle, faith was our sword and prayer was our shield. Together we are alive and now we dominated our battle. God was our master and he owns us. We knew we had a mission that’s why we still live. To do our mission we need to do it His way. The night of our battle is over and we were victorious but the battle to life is yet to begin. As a family we stand together towards this chapter and with God in us every battle is not that hard to tear us apart. The battle has ended we go in peace to love and serve our Master. Yours truly, Keisha ♥ ...

All pictures posted in this post is the property of NADEREV SANO. Thank you for sharing your photos in others may know.

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