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Friday, March 30, 2012

$500M Mega Million

If you did not purchase your lottery yet, you still have time. YOU could be the winner tonight! You should thank me for reminding you right? My chances is 100% slim because, we don't have that in Florida.

What would you do? If I live in your state, I will definitely set aside money and buy the tickets. Anf if I win, here's what I will do:

1. half of my full winnings, I will give it to my family and friends
2. set aside some money for investment and
2. buy my dream home,luxury yacht and motorhomes

What would be yours? Just curious.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Rose Garden

I am excited to move to our new place and start my rose garden. This is easy to maintain and will thrive even in winter here in Florida.

This bloom was taken in the garden of my father-in-law while we live with him in Mississippi. The rose plants are still there when we visited last month. The house was sold to a nice family.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Beads and Mardi Gras

Here I am once again, sharing the photos for Tuesday Travels. I would like to thank you all for visiting my post last week and for the comments. I can't wait to visit your blogs and see the places you've been to this week. These photos were taken last February when we went to Mississippi for Mardi Gras Parades in Ocean Springs, Biloxi and D'Iberville. We love visiting Mississippi because of the country setting, amazing view of the Gulf Coast, awesome beach, the taste of crawfish, gumbo and blue crabs. This particular parade was in D'Iberville, one of the biggest Mardi Gras Parades happen here. From the beginning to end, the krewes on the decorative floats throw beads to the crowd. They also throw moon pies, stuff toys, and other stuffs. Basically, the people go to the parade to see the different floats with lavish decors, catch the beads, have fun and get together with family. I am having fun here LOL.It is a big tradition in the South particularly in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama.The picture above is the picture of my family.I love Mardi Gras and I love catching beads. I send those beads back home. Have you been to a Mardi Gras? Go visit New Orleans, it's spectacular! See you in your blog.

Happy Memories

When we were in Mississippi, my husband and I love to go to a festival. As far as I can remember, every month the city where we live has interesting activities and well-supported by the people. It became a family gathering and when there is a festival; people throw out parties after the event. It really builds unity among the family as well as bonded the camaraderie of friendships.
One time, we went to a concert and the local performers were using the outdoor changing rooms. The group is very popular in the town and they are all amazing performers. They are talented and because they are good in every performance, they always have a good audience. I think they will make it big if they go beyond their comfort zone. I saw few of their friends came and out from the outdoor changing rooms. All in all, the performance was spectacular. It was then that I appreciate country music.

Anyway, while inside the concert area I noticed that the pillar, pilaster, lighting and decorative lamps that they used are interesting. The concert was done in an open area and it's open to public which was sponsored by the city. It was done in the evening along the beach area. Luckily, that night was not windy making the concert a successful one. It is good to remember our happy days living in Mississippi and I love to share those memories with you all.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Planet Hollywood at Downtown Disney

Living in Florida is fun and exciting. Both Disney World and Universal Studios are here and the endless attractions inside are breath taking. Not only that, the newly opened Lego Land is here too. Water parks such as Typhoon Lagoon, Sea World, Aquatica, Discovery Cove are all amazing places where family can enjoy and have fun together. For me, it is more fun if my family back home can come and see all these amazing theme parks.Last Friday, I wanted to eat Turkey Leg and I know that Downtown Disney has it. Hubby is a real Floridian who does not like traffic but, je just go with me anyway just to satisfy my cravings.I was already hungry when I saw the Planet Hollywood so; I told my husband that I will treat him for dinner. But, there were diners on the line and it's long so; we left and head back to the main purpose of buying a turkey leg. By the way, the Planet Hollywood has three levels decorated with movie memorabilia. There are props from some of Hollywood's hottest films and TV shows too.Diners can gaze the display in the iconic planetarium-like ceiling. After you dine, you can enjoy buying movie-themed souvenirs at the merchandise area

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Test Track at Epcot in Disney World

One of the fastest and longest rides in Disney is Test Track. This attraction is located in Epcot's Future World Area in Disney World is a high speed vehicle simulation ride. It is machine operated so; you don't need to drive the car. Each vehicle can occupy 6 people and you should wear a seat belt and make sure it is secure and fasten tightly. The highest speed is 60mph and if you are afraid of speed, do not dare this ride. It is about 5 minutes ride in a 50 degrees curve like the picture below. I hate fast rides but, I did try this and I love it.If you love an adrenalin rush ride then go ahead, this is for you and I know you will love this attraction!

Friday, March 23, 2012

The Need to Study MBA Online

The world we have is constantly changing and if we don't keep up, we will be left behind in decades. When it comes to technology, what we learn 5 years ago might be obsolete at present. So; we need to acquire new knowledge and learn new techniques because our world needs new and creative ideas. We do not settle for what we learn today. We are constantly aiming to learn more, discover new techniques and apply the innovation to our present career.

We don't usually settle for what we earn today. That is the reason many of us are aiming to finish higher education. But, if we have a full time job with family to attend to, returning to a regular school could be hard to do. We just can't quit working and go back to school right? We have bills to pay and we do not own our time alone anymore. Practicality, we prefer an online schooling.

Now, if you want to enroll in MBA courses, you can choose an online study. The Southern New Hampshire University online MBA is designed for you and me. If you are a degree holder and wanted to strengthen your career opportunity, polish your business skills by enrolling in MBA online school. Check it out today. Their courses are offered year-round either online or on campus in Manchester, Portsmouth, Salem and Nashua, N.H., and Brunswick, Maine. For more information, just visit the link below:

online mba

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

We Got the House

We were about to give up and forget about buying another property when our realtor called us today and said, we got the house! Three weeks ago, we resumed to finding a property nearby NASA. It's been more than 6 months since we were scouting for a new house and all the properties that we bid were gone. On the last property, someone bid too high, was accepted and the seller did not even bother to look at our bid. The listing agent called our realtor if we are still interested to buy the house because the buyer walked out. We said yes of course and we send the documents through email. In less than an hour, our realtor informed us that the seller accepted our offer. The closing will be in two days and we scheduled the inspection on Friday. I hope that everything will turn out alright.

My Hot Biker T-Shirt

Yesterday, I received this awesome Biker's T-shirt from the mail. Our neighbor handed my package because he saw it outside our property while we were gone for a 3-day vacation. We went to Daytona last week to attend a wedding for our friend. They had a beach wedding and the reception was held at the nearby beach resort. We stayed in a resort where all rooms was fully book for the Bike Week event. There were so many bikers in Daytona last week. There are so many events but, since we were there for the wedding, we did not get the chance to see what's going on. We were amazed by so many awesome bikes on the road with different design and style. Bike week is also a showdown for motorcycle brand, design, name it, this event is huge. More than half a million bikers come to this event. The weather was a bit disappointment really and there are few accidents happened during the span of this 10-day event. In general, the Bike Week 2012 was a success. Most of the location where there's a show/event such as Rat's Hole, Super cross, Ride in Bike and more, retail stores are selling Hot Biker T-Shirts, Biker gear and Biker accessories. As expected, most of the bikers have their own unique biker attire. When bikers come together for an event, it's like a pilgrimage for camaraderie, united with common interest and love of motorcycles. Anyway, if you plan to buy this hot t-shirt, check out the link and have fun shopping.

Inside Castillo de San Marcos National Monument

Hello everyone! Another week for Tuesday Travels eh? (*v*) This week, I will be showing some of the photos that I took while we were inside Castillo de San Marcos National Monument.This National Monument is the oldest masonry fort in the United States located in the city of St. Augustine, Florida.This place was constructed by the Spanish when Florida was a Spanish territory.During the twenty year period of British possession, the fort was renamed Fort St. Mark then, when Florida became a U.S. territory in 1821, this place was renamed Fort Marion.The name Castillo de San Marcos was restored by Congress in 1942.Here I am with hubby, taking a souvenir shots at the entrance of Castillo de San Marcos.It was in the afternoon, the tourists gathered at the courtyard, waiting for the re-enactment of the staff in costume.The picture below was taken while I was at the Bastion area.The view at the courtyard.Here we are taking another souvenir photo at the courtyard.Yes, this place was featured in the show Ghost Adventures, check it out in You Tube.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Preparing the Birthday Invitations

If I wish to travel, I have miles that I can use to travel for free towards Europe or Philippines. I am planning to visit home during my mother's birthday on September. She will be 7 decades older and I plan to give her a good birthday celebration.

She does not like surprises so; I have to talk this planning with her. She always wants her brothers and sisters to come on every celebrations happening in the house such as "fiestas" and birthdays. That is not hard to do because they live in nearby towns.

Right now, I am in a dilemma because if I have to be physically home, my expenses will be doubled. If I do not go home, I have an extra leeway to have my budget intact solely for her birthday invitations and the celebration. Every important celebration in the house, I talk to them using the Internet so; I am still there.

Besides, I can't stay longer than 2 weeks so; I would rather use my miles in a reasonable flight that does not conflict my budget. In planning, I can always tap my brother about this celebration and asked my mom the exact number of people which she wants to invite. By doing so, I can make a budget as to how many birthday invitations to give out.

Then, I can budget how much to spend for the birthday celebration that is why I need the number of invited guests. I have few months for planning which is really good. I can check out the different designs of the invitations and have my mom choose what design she likes.

Of course, she has enough time to give the invitation at her convenience. She will enjoy it more. I am looking forward on her 70th birthday celebration at home. She will definitely enjoy it.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Do You Think This is a Hate Crime

There is something fishy behind this incident. George Zimmermann, a watchman of a neighborhood approached the young black boy and the night ended with a gunshot. I saw the news that day, Trayvon Martin was shot by George Zimmermann for self-defense. But, the story does not end there because George Zimmermann was not arrested for anything. In my opinion, something is not right! If he says it was a self-defense, for what? The kid has a "skittles chocolates" and an ice tea in his hand. That is not a weapon for crying out loud! George called 911 and he said, there was a suspicious person he is following. The 911 operator told him not to follow the man. Then, in another 911 call, you can hear someone is yelling for help and the tone of the voice is scared then, gun was fired! If this is a self-defense, the boy should be the aggressor but, the 911 call says otherwise. I hope this boy will have justice! My heart goes out to his family. Oh by the way, the boy visited the grandma and just few steps away from the house. Terrible incident!

Jewelry Box

This jewelry box is made in good quality and I like the design at the center of this item. It is very glossy and it is one of the accessories that I found inside the guest room where we stay in Alabama. Our friend has a big beautiful house, with huge land area and full of pet animals like chickens, donkeys and goats. Their house is humongous for both of them really. Aside from this jewelry box, there are other wooden accessories inside the room which makes it really beautiful.


Contribution by Kennith Griffin:

My husband and I have 6 children. I know you are probably thinking, "Are you crazy!?" We have always wanted a large family despite the obvious challenges it presents. My husband has a very good job where he makes plenty of money to support us. I do not work, I believe it would be impossible to keep up with laundry, dishes and everyday house hold chores if I had to work. We also recently bought a van, which another necessity for families with large children. Between soccer practice, piano lessons and dance lessons we keep it on the road pretty regular. Vacations are always fun, but can be trying with so many children. Before we went on our last vacation, my husband and I were discussing investing in a security system and some security cameras to monitor the house while we were gone. He found a great deal on a security system at The technicians came to our house and promptly installed our system. I will feel much better while gone on vacation, knowing that this is taken care of.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Ferry Boat Ride

From Atlantis, we rode a ferry boat and head back to Nassau Port area. The fare was $3/person and we enjoyed the ride. The view from the ferry boat was spectacular.A local resident entertains the tourist by telling stories about Nassau, Paradise Island and Atlantis. He is good and we gave him a tip.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Atlantis in Paradise Island of Bahamas

It's Tuesday Travel once again and here's my entry: Atlantis in Paradise Island. We went to Bahamas for a 4-day cruising with my husband, his daughter and her boyfriend 5 months ago. We were cruising via Norwegian Cruise Line. The picture below was taken in Atlantis Marina.Here's my husband enjoying the view in Nassau Harbor. We were waiting for the gangway so; we can go to Atlantis, across the bridge is the Paradise Island. Did you know that Nicolas Cage owns a property there? Yep!Here we are inside Atlantis heading to the ballroom.That is another cruise line in Nassau Harbor.Bahamas is a beautiful place to visit. For sure, we will be cruising again soon and visit another islands in Bahamas.It look so near huh? We rode the ferry boat from Atlantis to the harbor. The fare was only $3/person and during the boat ride, I enjoyed the spectacular view of Nassau.Atlantis is a humongous resort and expensive too.A closer look of Atlantis from Atlantis Marina.I can't afford to stay in Atlantis so; I'd rather come here via cruise line and enjoy shopping and taking pictures inside LOL.When we went to Atlantis, we rode a van and paid $4 /person. The people are very friendly and their water is very clean. It was rainy when we were in Nassau so; hubby and I did skip the beach. But, the daughter and the boyfriend enjoyed their swimming activity minus the snorkeling. The Atlantis Marina has restaurants, shops, ice cream parlor and if you love Starbucks, you will find it here too.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Communication Equipment

When it comes to communication equipment, you should consider the quality and reliability feature of the product. You need to find products in high standard, secure to use, durable, and comfortable to use. Where can you buy a modern and state of the art communication equipment? There is a facility somewhere in North Wayne, Indiana where you can purchase products such as Lapel Microphone and tactical headsets. Of course, you can check out their company online and it would be better if you click the links provided here.

They manufactured the electronics used by military. Their products are reliable, in good quality and meet all the specification required to sell these types of products. This company is ISO certified and registered in 2001 so; you will be assured that their products passed the quality procedures and military standard. They are authorized to manufacture and supply these types of products.

Visit their Website today and check out their quality products such as military connectors, tactical loudspeakers, lightweight headsets, microphones, wireless audio accessories, and more. Click the links now and check out these products.

Amazing Race: Brendon and Rachel

I am currently watching the amazing race and, Brendon and Rachel team caught my attention. Rachel is a crying babe and good thing, Brendon is a patient guy. If she doesn't change her attitude being a quitter and whiner, they will be the next team to go! Stop whining and sniveling!If that is the attitude, it would surely clash and they plan to get married? Rachel must have thought that Amazing Race is like the Big Brother show. Poor thing, 98% of the Amazing Race viewers hated her! See the reactions in facebook. Change your attitude Rachel!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Castillo de San Marcos National Monument

Just an hour drive from our place, Castillo de San Marcos National Monument is a good travel destination for those who loves to touch based with the history. This place is known as the oldest masonry forth in the US.The Castillo de San Marcos National Monument is a significant structure located in Saint Augustine, Florida. It is constructed by the Spanish in 1672. Did you know that the fort was built of coquina? It is a type of shell stone indigenous to the area and quarried from Anastasia Island. The same material used when they build the Fort Matanzas.The Fort is constructed by the Spanish to protect the city from the British.Castillo de San Marcos has protected the city of Saint Augustine for more than 300 years.If you visit this place in the afternoon, the view is totally spectacular.If you visit Disney World and you are looking for another place to hang out, check this location for an Educational trip that I am sure your family will enjoy.


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