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Friday, August 30, 2013

Hotel Bar Supplies

Hospitality industry is a booming business. There will always be customers who are always willing to pay for good food, great ambiance and excellent service whether in a restaurant, a hotel, or a cruise line. Paying customers will keep coming back for more when they are happy. If the service and ambiance is excellent, customers will likely to return and when that happens, business will be great.

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For your entire bar supply needs, you can always find unique glasses, bartender and server supplies, bar equipment's, bar mats as well as bar front at They deliver quality products that are unique and the price is just right. Their mission is to provide more therefore; when it comes to value and services, expect that they will deliver. This company is a wholesale distributor and a family owned business for more than three decades. With that being said, already established their name as a reputable company that provides the supply needs for clients in various hospitality businesses.

If you are searching for Hotel Bar Supplies, do not look any further. Visit for this a one stop-shop for all your hotel and bar supply needs. Check it out now.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Second Day of the Kingdom Rock 2013

The Kingdom Rock where kid's stand strong for God is the theme for this year's Vacation Bible School in one of the churches in Merritt Island. I volunteered as the in-charge for the crafts for the Preschool children. This is Pip's Palace with the Preschool children and the crew members.

They were having a break before the craft and play begins.

As the other mommy volunteer and I went at the courtyard to set up the game called Parachute Pals, the kids were having fun playing in the castle.

They are all adorable, very respectful and behave to everyone. This is the second day where the children taught about Duke, their Bible Buddy for the day.

On this day, children learn that "Family and friends help us, stand strong!"

They love the Aqua Booster craft to do. They were able to learn that when they are down at the bottom, having problems and all; just like the green man, family and friends will always be there to guide and support them. Children learn thing s easy when they are happy and having fun.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Need to Look Up to See the Rainbow

Yesterday, I took the time for myself and re-arranging the furniture's in the living room, trying the feng shui set up to invite good vibes. I need to relax my mind and contemplate for something that is inspiring. It seemed that I was too busy for so long and doing that, I lost touch with my needs. Why do I work so hard? Or, is this the path that I wanted for my life? Something is missing! I don't want life would pass me by. "Come What May" has been my motto for the last years but, something is missing of what I am now. Hubby and I took a short ride around Cocoa, Titusville and Merritt Island yesterday. It rained few minutes and look what we saw, a beautiful rainbow.

I woke up at dawn time and I can't go back to sleep. I turned on the TV and saw a movie titled: CHAPLIN, a 1992 movie starring Robert Downey Jr. Charlie Chaplin is such an inspiration, my all-time favorite actor.

When I was in college, I bought a cassette tape (yap, not CD and it was on sale) titled: Little Tramp. It was an inspiring musical album about the life of Charlie Chaplin. Listening to that album inspire me to dream big and make it happen. Honestly, this is the low point of my life realizing that for 5 years, I quit dreaming.

The movie Chaplin is a wake-up call that while I still have the TIME to do something in my life, I should DO IT NOW and MAKE IT HAPPEN. Maybe, I was indeed looking down for those years. I only have to LOOK UP to see the RAINBOW and follow my dreams. If you have the same feeling, I think you should DO THAT TOO. Have a great weekend everyone! 

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

All About the Ford Fusion

It can be exciting and overwhelming to purchase a new car. There are a lot of options, and the competition among all of the options is intense. If you’re thinking of getting a Ford Fusion in Plainfield, IL, read on for more information about the vehicle, including its models, features, and ratings.

The Models

Even when you’re looking at one specific design in a car, you still have many options when it comes to models. If you’re looking at the Fusion, there are eight options! The Ford Fusion S is the least expensive of the models. It gets approximately 34 miles per gallon on the highway, as does the SE model, which is slightly more expensive. The S and SE also come in Hybrid models, which both get 47 highway miles per gallon. The fifth model is the Titanium, which gets 33 highway miles per gallon and features a Sony audio system. The Titanium Hybrid gets 47 highway miles per gallon on top of the audio feature. Lastly are the Fusion Energi SE and Fusion Energi Titanium, which are the most expensive of the models. Look for a table comparison of the models to compare features and find what best suits you.
Some Features

Modern vehicles give us so many options and conveniences when it comes to technology. For example, a Hybrid model contains both a 2.0 L engine along with an electric motor, which can work interdependently or separately, depending on what’s most efficient. You can opt for one of three Ecoboost engine options, including manual, automatic, and paddle shifter transmissions. There is also an intelligent all-wheel-drive system that can prevent and control slipping on the road. Voice-activated technology and auto-start and -stop are just a few other options that make this vehicle technologically appealing.
The Ratings

Probably the most impressive aspect of this car is the 9.6 safety rating. This model achieved the best rating in frontal, side, rear, and roof impact and protection tests. It has been granted the 2013 Best Midsize Car for the Money and the 2013 Best Midsize Car for Families awards. Its weakest areas are in the interior entertainment system, which is described as confusing, and in its bland interior styling. But with an 8.5 overall rating and so many features to choose from, you should just visit a dealership and test drive your Ford Fusion in Plainfield, IL.

Fanfare Finale: Day 1 of Kingdom Rock #VBS

These photos were taken during the Week long Vacation Bible School in Merritt Island. I volunteered as the in charge for crafts in the pre-school palace. The theme of the #VBS is Kingdom Rock, where kids stand strong for God. This is Day 1 during the Fanfare Finale. All palace in the kingdom gather here in the dome to sing, dance and see the experiment: which balloon stands strong.

It was a great experience for me and the kids were very polite and happy.

I would love to work in a Catholic School for sure.

The Essentials of Finding Retail Space

Owning a business can be extremely stressful, especially if you are having trouble selling your products or services. When you go around asking for advice for what you can do to improve your situation, you are more than likely going to hear a lot of different advice. Some people will tell you to work hard at creating a strong online presence, which can help you to reach out to a greater number of customers. Others might tell you that a good marketing campaign can turn around any business. While most of the advice that you hear will be able to help you, there is nothing that helps more than finding a good location for your business, such as Hi Reit rental space. Here is a quick look at the essentials of finding great retail space for your business.

Your Needs

When you are looking for great retail space, you should first determine the needs of your business. Not all retail space is the same. While one area might be great for a certain business, it might be horrible for those that offer different products or services. Thus, you will want to begin looking for available space in an area that has businesses that are similar to your own, though, not exactly the same. You will next need to determine your budget. A great retail space is useless if it is too expensive for your business. Thus, you will need to set a reasonable budget that will allow for you to make a healthy profit off of your investment.

Going Online

While you can find local Hi Reit retail space using traditional methods, you will be much more successful if you use the Internet for your search. There are a variety of different directories that will list the available retail space in your area. These same sites will also have special search features, which can help you to quickly find a space that fits perfectly with what you want and need. Another great thing about taking your search online is that you will be able to read reviews that are left by other people that have used the space, giving you a good idea of what you can expect if you rent the area.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Roses in Blooms

I got these lovely Roses bloom today. Pretty right? There's two of them and smells sweet. I love roses and I have 3 kinds so far. I want to plant different kinds of roses in my garden because it is easy to maintain and it can thrive a scorching heat.

Here is a big one. Another blooms I got is Daisy. What blooms do you have in your garden today? Check it out and let me know. I quit planting vegetables because the heat is really bad.

Thank you for stopping by.

At the Boatramp Along Port Saint John

Just 5 minutes from our place is a boat ramp along Indian River. It is a nice place to watch the sunrise and Manatee too. We went there today to watch manatee but, we had no luck. Look what showed up.

An ibis on the bench where I was seated.

See the sign out there, the Manatee Zone. From time to time, manatee shows up here.

The flock of ibis fishing. You will not believe how plentiful the fishes here. You will see them jumping.

Here we are, parked and watch the awesome view here.

The ibis busy surveying the place.

They caught some tiny fishes. Just awesome to watch them find their food here. How about you? Do you see animals around your neighborhood? Thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Goals of Healthcare Consulting Companies

Healthcare consulting companies can play a major role in the type of healthcare you are able to obtain while being employed at a specific company. The amount you pay and the services you obtain depend on the company you are working for and the healthcare benefits that are available to you and your family.

Covered and Protected

Making sure that you have healthcare benefits for your family is one of the most important things to have in your life. This is especially true if you have children or family members that tend to get ill or frequently injure themselves. Making sure that you have the best benefits possible to help pay for expenses, doctor visits, and medical bills, will decrease your stress and worries when it comes to your health needs. Most healthcare companies will work together with businesses, schools, and other agencies to make sure that your health concerns are answered and met. These companies want to make sure that you are covered and protected when you need medical services and help. Even though they will be making money off of your claims, they want what is best for you and your family so that you remain happy and most of all, healthy.

Working as a Whole

Many healthcare companies will consult with agencies, schools, and businesses so that they can offer benefits that are affordable and reasonable to you and other employees. They constantly are meeting and working on other projects to develop greater plans for a healthier economic world. They work together with your pharmacy and other health companies to discuss coverage amounts, services, and benefits that can be offered to you. Many plans change and evolve from year to year, but their main goal is to make sure that you have what you desire when it comes to health and medical benefits. It is vital that your plan is with a company that will work with you and help you gain what you want, so that you are insured and covered if illness or an accident suddenly strikes.

A Great Company

Many healthcare consulting companies will try to improve the way they function and manage their company so that your health benefits and services are constantly turning into something better than they were before.

Pain Relief with Excedrin

When there is no update in my blog, it only means one thing, I got a nasty migraine. Thank goodness of Excedrin for the relief after taking a tablet. A tablet gives me the break that I need from the agonizing pain. There was a study about migraine headaches. A person suffering migraines perceived an aura such as a transient visual, sensory, language, or motor disturbance which signals that the headache will soon occur. In my case, I tend to crave for food.
 photo Excedrin_zps8c6662db.jpg
What is Migraine?
Migraine is a chronic neurological disorder characterized by recurrent moderate to severe headaches often in association with a number of autonomic nervous system symptoms. It is commonly unilateral which means; it is affecting only one half of the head and pulsating in nature.

Symptoms of Migraine
It includes the following: nausea, vomiting, photophobia - the increased sensitivity to light, and phonophobia - increased sensitivity to sound. The pain is generally aggravated by physical activity.

Triggers of Migraine
These triggers include hormonal fluctuations and in my case, this is true as it happens every month. The  environmental stimuli like weather or bright lights, smells, alcohol, foods, sleeping habit, and high stress can also trigger migraine. However, not everyone has a clear trigger for their migraine attacks according to the study.

* On Diet - skipping meals, coffee, soda, alcohol and more
* On Sleeping Habit - oversleeping / lack of sleep,
* On Hormonal Changes -Menstrual Cycle
* On Weather - temperature changes
* On Lightning - glaring lights
* On Emotion - depression, anxiety, stress

The pain is truly excruciating but I get used to it. It would be a miracle if I don't get one in a month. I don't really rely on Excedrin because if I can bear the pain, I won't take it. I always have it with me though if in case the pain is killing me. If signal occurs, I would find ways to satisfy my cravings and not drink coffee or soda. It does help. I noticed that my sense of smell is giving me a hard time because I don't like the smell of perfumes and some fabrics. Chocolates and the smoke from cigarette will make me throw up. 

Taking a long cold shower to cool me down helps a lot but most of all, one tablet of Excedrin does make miracle to me. I am not compensated on this post. I am driven to share about Excedrin because it gives me the pain relief when migraine occurs each month.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Mega Millions: $586 Million for December 17 Draw

This amount of money could be a blessing and a curse. Seriously, are we really ready to have this amount of money? I guess not but, how can we say no if this jackpot knocks on our door right? Honestly, the odds of winning is too slim but, it's okay! When good luck comes our way, no one will be able to scientifically explain that! Go ahead, take chances. If you have extra money to buy the lotto, do it but,Play Responsively!

Good luck and if you win, please set aside $100,000 for me. I can assure you that your money will not be going down the drain (wink) . Merry Christmas all.


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