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Monday, October 29, 2012

A Good Deed

Few weeks ago, my husband approached a couple who were scrapping at the pile of trash at the neighbors yard. They were normal people but, cannot find work because as you all know, jobs are scarce. But, they need to find ways to put some food on the table.

They were friendly and my husband told them, if they like scraps from our old shed they can take it down. They were so thrilled and wanted to take it down that day. My hubby gave them a schedule and that was yesterday.

The woman came by with her lovely teenager and two young toddler kids. She told us, the boyfriend has left her and moved with his mom. She had nobody to depend on but, herself. She needed the money so; she decided to knock it down with the help of her daughter.

My husband was worried. It was a medium size shed but; after almost 2 hours, they were able to knock the whole shed down. While they are doing those battle, I bake a banana cake and gather some chips, candies and sodas from the pantry. I have full bag of goodies and when they are ready to wrap up, I gave the food to the mother.

She was teary-eyed but, happy to have them. That was my good deed yesterday. How about you? Share in the comment below, I want to hear them. God bless us all.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Invest in Gold and Silver Coins

We work. We save. We spend. That is normal right? We have to work hard; put some money for savings and spend for the things that we need. When rainy days come, we don’t panic because we have a source to depend on. This kind of life is alright but, most of us aim to make our lives get better so; we invest.

Investment entails big expectation to profit. A person invests on business, realty venture, and stock market. Buying American gold coins and gold eagle coins became popular these days. People buy silver coins for investment too.

What is the value of coins? Why is it popular? The value of coins depends on their rarity and it will be determined thru these scales: "Sheldon rarity scale" and the "Universal rarity scale" "Rarity Scales".

Now, since coins are usually made of an alloy, the fineness of the coin is the actual gold content in a coin and expressed as a "per mil," or thousandths. It will be better explained by this: gold with .999 fine will be 999/1000 pure gold; with the other 1/1000 being an alloy.

When we buy jewelry, we always look at the karat. The karat weight is a traditional fraction-based system that is used for fineness of gold so; one karat being equal to 1/24 part of pure gold in an alloy.

This maybe vague but, the bottom line is that collecting coin is a good investment. You can choose gold or silver, either of the two can be good investment.

If you are looking for a good investment to pursue why not buy silver and gold coins? Find a reputable coin dealer and start investing today. Great Southern Coins are not only good for investment but; a good hobby to pursue as well. The design of the bullion is very interesting to note.

A bullion coin is a precious metal and the value is stored therefore, investing in bullion coins are so attractive and definitely profitable. Bullion coin is minted after 1800 and it possess a purity of not less than 900 thousandths. Bullion coins are usually available in gold and silver. The American Eagle series is available in gold, silver and platinum, and the Canadian Maple Leaf series is available in gold, silver, platinum and also palladium. Bullion coins are also available in various weights so; prices vary a lot. If you want to learn more, visit the link above.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

The History of the Athletic Shoe

I just bought a pair of Adidas running shoes and I admit, it is now my most favorite footwear. I love shoes and when I shop, I go for comfort and style then, the brand. Speaking of shoe style, did you know the history of the Athletic Shoe?  I don't either until today. According to the info-graphic below,  the cowhide moccassin is the oldest preserved footwear. Then came the many types of shoes until the Five-finger designed rubber shoes was created. Check out the infographic below.
History Of Athletic Shoes brought to you by Schuler Shoes and New Balance Twin Cities

What can you say about the comfort shoes for men and women history ? What style is your favorite?

Pro Gun T-shirt : Offensive or Not ?

I have seen people wearing T-shirts with questionable prints. Honestly, if the print is offensive to my religion, morality or decency then; I will be bothered. But, I will mind my own business. I will just ignore the message because I respect the freedom of speech.
Now, check out the political gun tees below and tell me, do you think this is offensive? I received this T-shirt for FREE sent by I like this t-shirt because the fabric is soft and the fitting is perfect and print is nicely done including the vibrant colors. But, the print does not reflect my stand about this issue (wink). I really like the quality of this T-Shirt. If only the print is something else :-), I would keep it for myself.

I guess I am just sensitive. If I wear this t-shirt, I know that some people will look at me with scrutiny. "How could she?" On the other hand, my husband is pro-gun. He believes that having a weapon at home will drive away the bad elements. He believes in the right to bear arms for protection.

My cousin saw this t-shirt and he likes it a lot so; I gave it to him on his birthday. He was bragging about this t-shirt. Well, I am happy for him and for whatever he stands for.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

BOO! Halloween Decors

I am just having fun digging some photos for Halloween. I just want to set the mood for Halloween. Are you done decorating your yard? I know there are people who are so thrilled for Halloween Parties and wear scary costumes. I know some homes have cool Halloween decors inside too. We visited to a friend's house and here's some of their cool Halloween stuffs.

I tell you, most of their decors will laugh, scream, speak and move. Fully automated and with sensors and their sound effects are truly awesome!

This spider web has a led red lights so; it looks nice in the dim room.

Here is the sacry bat.

The witch on the pool area is scary when you are alone because, it was dim and they also have graveyard. It looks like real hahaha with a with hanging on the tree.

I don't like this ... it scream so loud!

I like the mummy with the spider on it. Well, I hope I can find some more. In each of my blogs, I posted Halloween Costumes and Halloween Decors. Feel free to visit them today. Thanks for stopping by.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Teaser: How to Win A Cuddly Ladybug for Free?

Hi peeps! What's up y'all? Don't you think this ladybug is so cute and cuddly? Want to win this for FREE? The good news is, you will have a chance and you can pick any cuddly animal you want.

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Find out why this ladybug is the coolest ladybug ever. You will be amazed!

Oh, did you know that I got this for FREE? That is why, you need to come back soon and watch out for my Review and Giveaway. If you join and win, you will have get 1 animal you want for free. Exciting right?
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Saturday, October 13, 2012

My Gardening Activity

What's up guys? I am still not in the mood for blogging. I got tons of reviews to do and hoping I will be inspired this week. After being away from home for exactly 8 days, I was sad to see my squash plants in my vegetable garden eaten by myriad of insects. The insects made a way to get into my bitter melon plant as well and I was heart broken to see my first ever "ampalaya" eaten :-(  by pests. I have 4 more "ampalaya" and was eyeing on it everyday to keep out the pests. My okra is alright and was able to harvest enough to last a week. I plan to pull out the squash for good and hoping that my amplaya will be fine.

My flower garden on the other end is growing well and thriving great. Flowers are just pleasing to see isn't it?

Anyway, I am looking forward for my vegetable garden next year. This week, I am planting cruciferous vegies. I am all excited for my gardening activity. Thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Every one of us have heard the idioms: Prevention is better than Cure.

October is an interesting month I should say because activities such as: the holy rosary month falls in October; Octoberfest for the greatest beer festival; thrilling Halloween which everyone are excited to celebrate and last but not the least, the National Breast Cancer Awareness – all events fall in the month of October.

I have quite a few notifications about National Breast Cancer Awareness and while reading their emails, I encountered the word Cruciferous for the first time. I learned that these are vegetables such as cauliflower, cabbage, cress, bok choy, broccoli and other similar green leafy vegetables.

Cruciferous is from the New Latin word Cruciferae and it means, cross-bearing from which the four petals resemble a cross. It is considered to be a healthy food and they are high in vitamin C and soluble fibre. It has multiple nutrients and phytochemicals with potential anticancer properties. According to, “new research shows that as many as one-third of all cancer deaths are linked to diet and physical activity”.

So; to prevent the risk of cancer, we should start reducing our dietary fat intake and add a serving of fruits and vegetables especially cruciferous vegies to our daily diet.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Rock Festival

Isn’t it amazing to know that 53% of festival-goers are women? That figure was presented in the info graphic below. According to the study, music goer has common characteristics such as 46% are single men; 17% have downloaded music for free; and that the average salary of a performer is $28,000.

The month of July is the best time to go to a festival in fact; the study shows that 28% responded that they travel during that month. It is sunny and the weather is really great so; traveling to the festival during this month is the best time of the year.

Most festivals have event supplies and concession machines. People love souvenirs and gets hungry a lot so; big events such as the rock festival has these machines. The most popular festival having 300,000 in attendance is Lollapalooza. Just read through for more information about Rock Festival.

Music Festivals Infographic
Infographic Provided by EquipSupply


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