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Thursday, October 15, 2015

#FootSwitch Accessory

How are you all today? Thanks for visiting my blog from time to time. I was truly busy for the past few months. At least, I am doing something worth doing right? I got the chance to blog because I cannot sleep. I am reluctant to sleep too. I need to get up at 2:00 AM for work and it is now 1:20 AM. Got no time to sleep at all. Anyway, before I forget, do check this site if you are looking for a  foot switch accessory. It might be the thing that you are looking for. I will update my blog soon. Thanks for stopping by.

Needs Motivation

Between the husband dear and I, the Jill of all trades is what I am known for. I can brag that I am able to fix better and troubleshoot faster than him. Maybe because I very patient and driven to finish the task. My husband is very impatient and easily discourage over challenges. When it comes to doing something in the household such as minor repairs on little things, using power peg is not an option. Wheew, he really needs motivation huh?

Friday, April 3, 2015

On my Free Time

For the last few weeks, all I did was work! I have nothing to do when I am at home so; I rather work to keep myself busy. Besides, I like to earn more to pay my bills. Who doesn't want that right? Anyway, now that spring time is here, there maybe changes. I have regular full hours schedule at work now so; I can plan what needs to be done at home. Oh, gardening, blogging, swimming and guitar playing ... these are the things I missed doing on my free time. Just this week, I found time to doing all these hobbies and I am thrilled. See, I am updating my blog this week. I am fooling with my guitar also.  Okay now, for those of you who are looking for amp accessories, I found this 1987x and you might check it out too.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Buying #Mothers #Ring

Well, I can't help but show this item to y'all. Isn't this wonderful? I love jewelry and gold is my favorite. I like silver as my second best but, my mom loves gold and that's the reason why I like this item. My mom would love this for sure. Two stones represent us, my brother and I.

Don't you think this ring is beautiful? Well, if you plan to buy mothers rings, do consider this item will you?

Thursday, February 19, 2015

After a Tiring Day

You know what I am crazy about these days? Using a sing-along app and whenever I get the chance, I sang duet with other users. Crazy huh? I really do not have the extra time to sing but, I find it relaxing after a tiring day from work. I have no time for strumming guitar or play the organ so; the app is the easiest to use. How about you? Do you play musical instruments or use any tools like Avid Pro 11? If you have the time, why not right?

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Positive #WorkEthic

I felt melancholy since yesterday afternoon. I came into thinking why some people have all the bad luck or was it all about luck? A newly hired woman (co-worker) was fired yesterday right before we clocked-out. Terrible huh? I talked to her earlier that day and she clocked-in a minute late. Her eyes swollen from crying, a boyfriend broke-up with her the night before. She's only 21 with a baby out of wedlock.

As a concern co-worker, I told her to quit coming late. She said she is trying. I really don't think that she grasped how serious tardiness is. This is not her first actually. One time, she was supposed to work at 6:45 AM , she called out and told them she can't wake up that early. She will work at 8 AM. I was shocked to hear that from her. She is an employee and she can't do that! I think the management gives her ample time to prove that she is deserving for the job.
I think bad luck comes to people who made wrong decisions and for this instance, she was fired because she was tardy more than once and she did not report at work on time.
When our boss told us that the woman is not with us anymore, I was dumb-founded! My boss told me, I should not worry, he will not fire me hehehe, (what a relief), "You are too good for this job", he says. I said to my boss that I was shocked because she just broke up with the boyfriend last night ... and now, got fired! It's like adding insult to an injury and his reaction was dumbfounded!
Hey, it's not his fault! He was only doing his job! I felt so sad for this woman because she is trying her best but, as the saying goes ... "her best wasn't good enough"! I wish her well and I hope after crying and pouring out resentments, she will have a positive outlook of life. Tough huh? If this situation happens to me, I will be in rock bottom.

Moral lesson: Go to work everyday and arm yourself with a #positiveworkethic .


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