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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Online Shopping Scams?

Are you having a late shopping for the holiday? Are you doing it online? There is a fuss about scam and I really cannot confirm it myself. Businesses have their strategy to attract customers by giving discounted items or on sale products. But, there are some companies who feel threaten by other companies success so; they are throwing trash against their competitors. I shop online but, I can very well recognize which one is a reliable site or not and there is no brainer when it comes to knowing which is real or not. Trust your judgement and let us thank those who are trying to warn the online buyers about the irregularity of other Websites. Have fun shopping and again, shop only to the trusted online shopping sites.

Backsplash: Mosaic Tile

I have been scouting for mosaic tile for our kitchen because the color around it is monotonous. By adding quick fix such as the backsplash, it simply adds elegance, texture and it gives that striking element to the existing kitchen design. This particular glass tiles have different features and the slate has all the color elements that I needed for it has gray, amber and rustic feel to it.

I like earth colors but, I also want a modern and clean look to it. I found the Website and this company has so many selections of glass mosaic tile and the price is just right on the family budget. If you are having a kitchen renovation, check out this site today so you can avail the on sale products that they have for this holiday. This particular mosaic is 50% off and good until supply lasts. This will be my first project for the New Year and I am looking forward to it. With the help of the tape measure, grout floats, putty knife and wide trowel, installing the backsplash is a no brainer. My tile cutter and safety glasses are ready, and I only need to buy grout, pre-mixed tile adhesive, caulk and caulking gun, grout sealer and paintbrush. I renovated my house last year so; this is a small project for me.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Flashflood in Cagayan de Oro City

I don't know but, looking at this picture I am reminded with what happened in Cagayan de Oro, my beloved city. This beautiful picture is located in Biloxi/Ocean Springs Mississippi which was badly hit by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. The reported deaths caused by Katrina were 1,836 in 7 states. On December 16, 2011, the Tropical Storm Washi (Bagyong Sendong) struck Northern Mindanao, Philippines. The long hours of rain caused a flashflood and the reported deaths reached to more than a thousand and more than a thousand missing. It was devastating and so catastrophic especially for us, Kagayanons.This beautiful place claimed so many lives but, they managed to survive and I saw the ruins and I saw how high the water level was. The house of my father-in-law was damage totally. I believe in my heart that my city will rise up just like them. "I know of no great men except those who have rendered great service to the human race." by Voltaire Philosopher, Essayist (1694-1778) "If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant; if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome." by Anne Bradstreet a Writer, Poet, First Woman To Be Published In Colonial America (1612-1672)The cry for HELP was heard all over the world. Though most of the flood victims had nothing left, they still have the positive outlook about the future. Most of us who lives halfway across the globe mourn with our friends who lost their love ones. It is so overwhelming especially when our friends cry in anguish for the missing family members. You know what's heartbreaking? It is when they lost not one but three to six members of the family because of the flashflood.It's been two weeks since and most of the victims are still in the evacuation areas. Half of them are homeless and some of them cannot go home because of the mud. There is no water and electricity since day one making it harder for most of the victims. Despite of the situation, hundreds of Volunteers are there to keep the evacuation area in order and systematic. Help arrived on time, thanks to all the nameless generous people who heed the cry of help from the victims.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Credit Scores

A week ago, my husband returns the rental car to the airport and I accompany him because I wanted to ride the bus. It was my first time having to ride a public transportation here in the US and I was humbled with the experience. It was six o'clock in the morning and most of the passengers are workers along downtown areas. I thought maybe the commuters have no choice but ride the bus to their workplace especially when they do not have cars. The economic situation here in Florida is tough in fact, the real estate dives rock bottom. People lost their homes when they lost their job and they quit paying their mortgage payment.

But, there are people who maintain their excellent credit scores and they have no problems applying for home loans as well as car loans. Though we are experiencing economic crisis, we should remember that our credit history is important. We should cut down unnecessary expenses to keep up with our bills. If your credit scores are in good standing, you can avail all the services that you needed such as apply a car loan. To commute every day is a hassle so; having a car is a necessity that a family should have. Anyway, just click the link given here to see the services that you might need for your family.

Monday, December 19, 2011

God Bless Cagayan de Oro City

I cannot help myself right now but cry. It was Thursday, I saw the wall post of my friend saying "busy packing and cooking... it's children's Christmas party today. it's almost christmas break! rest, have fun and party party!" Friday came, storm hits hard in Cagayan de Oro City, the flash flood takes so many lives and her kids perished. How can we comfort someone who lost three children? To my friend, you know who you are, please be strong. Your children are in heaven now and they will be watching you. Tight hugs to you teacher friend. "Bagyong Sendong" or Storm Washi is the worst Tropical storm to hit my home city Cagayan de Oro. I grew up in a neighborhood along the river banks and the river is our playground. I was in elementary grades when flooding brings misery to our neighborhood but, nothing compared to what happened last Friday. It came like a thief in the night and brought so much anguish, deliberate distress and death. May God bless my city, Cagayan de Oro and may God bless us with wisdom and understanding so we may comprehend his purpose to all these trials.

Read: Bagyong Sendong-Cagayan de Oro


Guest written by our friend Sergio Chaney:

We have been watching all the Republican political debates on Direct TV jacksonville. It is making me feel like a total grown-up! I mean, when did that happen? It is like I blinked my eyes and I am curled up on my couch with my husband, two kids sleeping in their beds, in my own home, after working a work day as a teacher. It all happened so fast. That is how life seems to work. You close your eyes for a minute and time flies by. Anyways, back to the debates, I am driving my husband crazy! Every time a candidate answers a questions I am all like, “That was a good answer”. He is not the same. He has one candidate that he likes. Whatever any other candidate says is totally wrong to him. Things are more black and white for him. Whereas, I am actually watching the debates to decide who I want to be the next candidate. I am just glad that Herman Cain is out of the race now so I don't have to keep hearing his 9-9-9 plan.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Weekend Getaway

My husband and I went to a wine festival and it was just two-hour drive from Orlando. We had no activity last Saturday so; we decided to visit a friend but, we saw trade show displays from the highway. We were just curious why there are so many cars heading to the direction of the display. As we follow the flow of traffic, it directed us to the winery. They have free wine tasting, a live music festival, and food displays from local vendors. The place was jam packed with guests and visitors from all over the country. They have tourist buses too. The winery had this festival for many years every Christmas. People are buying the wines because the wine prices for holidays are down with huge deals.

Their store inside has unique artwork decor and most of the displays were for sale. At both entrance there were logo floor mats with the name of the winery company. Anyway, after the wine tasting, the line was directed to the photo or exhibit booths. It was fun and exciting! There were other companies that joined in the celebration such as a chocolate company that became the partner for the wine tasting. The whole area is very jolly, colorful and because of the exhibit booths, the event was entertaining, informative and fun.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Christmas Card From the Prison

We got this Christmas card today and it came from a woman who is in a Federal Prison Facility. Her crime is minor but, she was convicted for 6 years in prison. She served a year now and so far, she managed to go on from a day to day basis. Her life in prison is tough because she is away from her husband and family. She is away from all the comforts of life. But, she learn the hard way and she accepted the fact that she made a wrong decision.This Christmas, we should remember the people who are sick in the hospital and those who are in prison. For me, as long as they change their ways and they strive to become a better person, we should not judge them. They deserve a second chance. They too needs to feel the Spirit of Christmas. If you have friends and family who are in prison, visit them and give them a simple gift. That is precious for this Christmas season. Merry Christmas everyone!

A Thoughtful Family from Louisiana

Last July, my husband and I met a beautiful family from Louisiana. They came for a short vacation here in Orlando and we were so lucky to have finally met them. For almost three years, I have known Kathy as a well-spoken blogger, a happy wife and a very patient mom to her two pretty princesses. We get along well especially when we talk about our favorite NFL team, "Who Dat" SAINTS. Oh well, she can calm me down when I flare up from pity arguments. She is the most patient person that I have known in Blogland, so pretty and yet, very down to earth. Anyway, I received this Christmas photo card today and I am so grateful! Thanks for remembering us this Christmas. Hubby and I appreciate your thoughtfulness. Merry Christmas and may you have a Prosperous New Year!
As I look back on the milestone of my Blogging business, I have so much to thank God for all the blessings that He had given me. In my mind right now, I have three major reasons that I could think of. First, through blogging I can rant without the intervention of those who are politically-correct individuals. Second, blogging is a good source of an extra-income as a matter of fact, no-sweat at all. And the last important reason, I thank God for REAL friends that I met through the Blogging world and this family is one of them. Merry Christmas to everyone!

Thank God for Thoughtful Friends

Friends and family are God's gift! For this season of joy, I am blessed with thoughtful friends and family who shared their faith and love for Christmas time. Thank you Jake, Matt and Cecile for this wonderful card that you sent to both of us. One of the good hearted blogger that I have known since I started blogging in 2008. A very good mentor! I treasured your friendship dear Cecille. (hugs)! May God bless you the good health for the years to come. I wish that God will bless your family with joy, laughters, peace of mind, excellent health and financial security. I thank God for you. Thanks for remembering me this holiday. Merry Christmas and have a wonderful New Year!

Leads for Financial Services

It's Christmas, the most awaited holiday season to celebrate good cheer and gift giving. Most people shop for clothing and things but, there are families out there re-focus their financial budgeting because they just got their bonus and 13th month pay for this year. There are families out there just like my neighbor, prioritize to pay their mortgage in advance.

If you are in the mortgage business, this is the right time to update your Website and add more financial leads so that people like them have the access to find the good deals. There is a company that provides mortgage, insurance and financial services leads and all you have to do is visit this link: You can also sign up as an affiliate and thereby, you can monetize your Website too. People are curious so; there is a possibility that they will seek for good resource links with in your Website. Check this out this link today

During this time, people loves to give cars to their wife or husband. If you have the leads from:, you are helping them to find the affordable rates. Give them a break this Christmas. provide your clients the best resource in your site. For more information, visit the links now!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Epcot Theme Park at Disney World in Orlando

I took these pictures to show you the inside look of Epcot Theme Park at Disney World. If you visit my other blogs, I posted some pictures on the ferry boat ride to Epcot. It is interesting to use the ferry boat as transportation to the Disney Theme Parks because amazing views by the lake is truly breathtaking. The first country that we saw from the entrance is United Kingdom.Hubby and I wanted to just walk on the main street of Epcot so; we really did not explore the shops and restaurants in this area nor the attractions. I will be doing that on my next visit and I will definitely post the pictures here too, how's that?This is a famous area where tourists would take pictures that looks like they are in UK.
There are shops and restaurants and inside they are already decorating for Christmas. As you can see by the windows inside, there are Christmas trees set up already.We are heading to Canada and other countries. Each countries have restaurants which are native to their places. I love their building designs and really looks like the architecture found in United Kingdom.
The landscaping is awesome and from time to time, you will gonna encounter Disney characters along the way.The weather is okay during this time and it's getting cooler. I would recommend that you visit Disney World's Epcot theme parks especially during the wine and food tasting event. Check that out next year, it's awesome!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Just Different

I was just watching a talk show and they are talking about family and marriage. I noticed that two of the invited panelists were okay when their teenagers party every night. They even tolerate them when they buy Party enhancers and do crazy stuffs in the bar. They gave so much freedom and I would see it as the other way. Maybe, they do not care about their kids. Children needs guidance from parents but, it seems that they are out of touch from reality.

Anyway, when they were young, they party a lot and loves going to the bar. When their children started using K6 herbal incense and Spiritual powders, they do not say anything about it. For them it is normal because they used it too when they were at their age. They are trying to say that they are exposed to these stuffs when they were teenagers. Party goers love Herbal City LLC where they can buy legal mood enhancing herbal products. They say that the natural organic herbal smokes exotic and unique. Well, whatever reasons these two parents may have, I still believe that their reaction is quiet different from other panelists of the talk show.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Electronic Payments

We stopped by in one of the gas stations here in Orlando and we noticed a sign stuck above the gas pump. The gas station does not accept credit cards but only cash and this do not make sense at all. When you have a business, you should have the credit card processing and should accept Electronic Payments for customer's convenience. The gas station wanted to save but, it is not a smart idea because they lost good customers who wanted to fill up their tanks. It is very convenient for customers to just swipe the card, fill up, and hit the road. No wonder that we saw more than two cars drove away from the gas station. Of course, we did that too because we are in a hurry and my husband does not want to walk to the cashier and pay cash.

Having the credit card processing in their system is the smartest solution for Merchants. Forget about the fee for every transaction because the charges are minimal. The bulk of sales are important so; if your business has no electronic payments, you should consider to get this service. Visit Mercury Payment Systems and check out the services that they offer to their clients. If you are looking for cost-efficient payment solution, check out today.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

It's Christmas!

Hello everyone! It is the first day of December and I can feel the spirit of Christmas already! Are you excited? Christmas is the most awaited celebration in the calendar because most of us celebrate Christmas even the non-believers joins the celebration! It is the time of reunion, family get-together, gift giving and just being with the person you love, right? I went home to PI last year and I celebrate my Christmas in my place but, I was too busy that I missed some of the tradition of this season. The next time that I will come home, I will make sure that it will be for a vacation.Anyway, these are the pictures that I took at the gate of our village. Grand Europa Village always put up nice Christmas decorations at the gate and some of the trees along the main road side throughout the village.
I am only using my blackberry phone so; some of the pictures are blurry.
The details of the decorations are beautiful and since they do this every year, if you are in Cagayan de Oro City, take time to visit this place. You will love the Christmas decoration of our village.
Merry Christmas to one and all!


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