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Saturday, July 30, 2011


We went to Blue Heron Hotel nearby Downtown Disney this afternoon. It was so traffic and it took us more than an hour travel to the resort. Without it, this can be travelled for only 23 minutes from our place.Because the traffic was bad, while sitting on the passenger's seat, I took the time taking the sundown pictures.It's already 7 PM, very humid and so muggy outside.
Have a nice evening everyone!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Straight Talk 2

This post brought to you by Straight Talk. All opinions are 100% mine.

We have 5 cell phone lines and our phone bills are always more than a $100 all the time. We are tied to a contract for two years and we had to endure this situation up to early next year. I am really looking forward for that day to come to get me a Straight Talk 2. I need to call a friend using the long distance without worrying the bills and that's where Straight Talk comes in handy. It's like a hook, line and sinker kind of phone and I got to tell you this, it's everything you need in phone. Watch this video to ignite your enthusiasm why you should own it:

 <embed src=";hl=en_US&amp;rel=0" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="425" height="349" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true"></embed></object>

Oh Yeah! You heard it right! There is no contract, no hidden charges, no credit checks to get this phone. The coverage nationwide is great and the connectivity  is excellent so; you will never have a problem with your reception. If you are a heavy user, get this phone so that you can save more. They offer a $45 unlimited monthly service on calls, texts, picture messaging and web browsing. They also offer FREE activation or reactivation and also NO  termination fee. What a great plan for an affordable real phone, right? Just check it out now!

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Tropical Storm Don

The Hurricane Season is here in fact today, tropical Storm Don is heading it's way to Brownsville and Corpus Christie Texas, landfall on a Friday afternoon. In the coastal area, storm surge from Hurricane is the greatest threat to life and property. According to the news awhile back, Storm Don is expected to strengthen before it hit Texas.
I hope that everyone in the Gulf area are prepared for this storm. Be safe everyone!

Hawaii Real Estate

Have you ever thought about purchasing a real estate property in Hawaii? Just think about owning a little piece of paradise with the scenic view of the blue water with white sand on the beach. With the housing mark at rock bottom price in most parts of the United States, you can find some exceptional deals.

Hawaii is no different from the mainland of the United States in terms of opportunities and finding that piece of paradise also. The real estate business continues its slow climb out of the economic crisis. According to the news, the sales of condos and single-family residential properties are up about 20% in some areas in Hawaii. Most of the sales are a direct result of drastic price reductions, short sales and also bank owned properties.

So, if you are planning to live in Hawaii, this could be your moment to buy a property that you love at reasonable price. Check out the Real Estate in Hawaii thru this link and explore the beautiful property that they have on their Website. Visit the Facebook page, click the LIKE button and explore the properties of the Hawaiian Island. This is the time to buy your dream house in Hawaii Island.

Long Nails

Do you grow your nails long? Well, I do! When it's long, I can maintain my nails clean and nicely trimmed all the time. Kids at school noticed it when I was teaching which; usually happened when you are teaching elementary level. Kids are always curious and sometimes when I have one-on-one reading follow-up, they would play with my fingers and do some funny "click" on my nails. The fun thing was, they would asked me why I keep it that way and why does it remain clean all the time, that was funny. I don't like to wear colored nails so, I maintain it as natural as it is. Besides, I am afraid to have a cut during manicure or pedicure that is why, it is once in a blue moon that I will visit a nail salon. In fact, never been in years. How about you?

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Finding an Orthodontist

What would it take to display those beautiful white teeth of yours? I have few friends who are embarrassed to smile and it's not because they have missing front teeth. They complain about their crooked teeth alignment and Orthodontists are the dentist that can answer their prayers. It focuses mainly on the dental displacement problem. I must admit, it looks great after the treatment. At first, they have to wear a metal wire made of stainless steel and others used ceramic materials.

The wires and the brackets pushed the teeth to a desired position thus making the teeth set into the right place. It is a bit expensive but, if you find the right dentist who gives an excellent job at reasonable price, which would be great right? Using the braces and retainers take a lot of patience to the patient because it is uncomfortable especially when they smile while they have the treatment.

It looks awkward and somehow it's funny to look at but, after the treatment, there will be total relief and perhaps satisfaction. So far, my friends who undergone the treatment was satisfied. I never heard any complaints such as deformity or other dental problems concerning the treatment. Anyway, are you searching for a dentist in your area? Just click the link which is provided here and feel free to use this resource Website. Enjoy your day and show that sparkling white teeth smile!

Remembering the Days

Well, Presidential Election in the US is coming up. Actually, it will be next year by November and I can't help but excited to cast my first vote. When I was in PI, I served during the election . I was assigned as a BEI-Board of Election Inspectors sometimes as a third member and poll clerk but, mostly as a chairman.

The voters are usually very intimidating especially those who don't know me being a teacher in the school. We conduct the election in the school classrooms and every precincts, there are 3 BEI assigned. The chairman has the highest authority inside the precinct. I stand 5'0 ft and as long as I answered all their questions and erase the doubts in their minds, they will settle accordingly. Inside the polling place, BEI's have the power to maintain peace and order and if there are nuisance, we have the power to issue an arrest until the election is done at 3PM.

I like being the Chairman of the BEI because I can organize the flow of the activity inside our precinct. From the preparation, casting of votes, tallying and counting of votes up to the submission of the ballot box to the city hall, most of the time very tiring but, fun to do. BEI's always have a positive attitude serving for the country and I did! Bless the heart of all the teachers who are assigned as BEI's during the National Election of the Philippines.

Net 10 Unlimited Plan

This post brought to you by Net10. All opinions are 100% mine.

Since we are all hurting with the economy crisis at present, we need to cut our spending to save money in the bank, right? Phone bills take a huge chunk of our home budgeting so; finding an alternate plan would be a great help! It's time to switch to Net 10 Unlimited Plan where you can subscribe easy. There is no credit checks, no hidden charges and no contracts, unbelievable! For just $50 a month, you will have unlimited talk, text and data usage which is a great deal for a nationwide coverage. You will see the Light once you heard and view the video of this real NET10 customer:

 <embed height="349" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="425" src=""" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" hl="en_US&amp;rel="></embed></object>

You can also get an automatic easy minutes plan for as low as $15 for 200 minutes. If you have pay-as-you-go plan, minutes can be carried over and you have the option to switch between plans. Depending on your budget and how much minutes you can consume, switch it with no penalties and fees. If you run out of airtime, you can purchase it through your phone,  stores nearby and online. Long distance is not a problem for they have 75 countries on their list of service. For more information, please check them out in!/Net10_Wireless and 

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I Shouldn't Be Alive

I was watching "I Shouldn't Be Alive", a TV show from Animal Planet Channel which is based from a real life story of people who encountered near death experiences. Usually, it happened on a mountain climbing, rock climbing, and other outdoor activities. Mountaineers attempt to climb the highest peak of the mountain is a rewarding achievement. But, the danger in this type of activity is many. The weather condition play vital in the success of each climb. Imagine a rockfall and avalanches? That was what happened to two friends who went rock climbing. It was heartbreaking to know that they spent 10 days freezing to death. They suffered hypothermia and fatigue.

Honestly, I am not into adrenalin rush and I will never put myself in a situation where I will indanger myself with the following hazards: falling rocks, falling ice, snow-avalanches, falling from the cliff, falls from ice slopes and falls down snow slopes. If I am drag into this situation, it's not according to my own free-will!

Anyway, I just admire the survival technique of the survivors. They are strong-willed and very determined to stay focus and to stay alive. What an awesome show!

Real Estate in Hawaii

Aloha! How wonderful it is to be welcome to the paradise island, right? I am talking about Kailua, Hawaii. You can feel the gentle tropical breeze blowing through your hair as you walk along the beach. Just imagine that beautiful panoramic views of the Mokulua islands. You have many options in Kailua from townhouses condos to a luxury beachfront home. You will find a home in a paradise that awaits you in this island!

Homes on the island of Kailua have a wide range of $200,000 for a four bedroom, two bath home up to $3 million for a nine bedroom seven bath mansion. Many of the homes are on beachfront property which means you will have a magnificent ocean view. Beautiful turquoise waters with a beautiful manicured lawn, what an awesome place to live. Think of the joy of walking the beautiful sandy beach and seeing an inviting ocean which is just steps away from your door. Check out American Dream Realty Hawaii for more information about this place.

If you are planning to buy the home of your dreams in the Hawaiian island, you have to follow the same standards that you would on the mainland. Look for a well-established real estate company that can provide you with the proper information and guidance that will help you make the right decision as when and where to buy.

Between Good and Evil

There is Evil and Hell in this world! That is the reality! We can not fathomed the actions of this Killer in Oslo, Norway! He chose to be the evil for humanity! We all strive to live according to the norms of the society and we express Love, Unity, Harmony, Affection, Kindness, Humility, and Passion to others. Out of these context is beyond our imagination! His name is Anders Behring Breivik, a 32 year old Norwegian right-wing extremist who killed and massacred 92 people mostly young in the twin bombing/massacre incidents in Norway. I was watching the Breaking News on Tv and I did not pay attention to how many lives he killed. It was so alarming to note that this killer was no remorse and remain calm during the arrest as seen on TV. Norway is a peaceful country and the incident was a shock to the whole world! What went wrong to his mind? Why he got that crooked ideals? For whatever answer he got, there is no excuse! He is Evil!

My condolences and my prayers goes out to the family and friends of the victims. I just hope that they will find the strength to face this ordeal with strong faith. Bless your heart Norway!

Internet Security

Are you tired of having to work in a computer that is so slow to open? Just yesterday, my husband was so mad because it took him few minutes to finally open his browser. I was so glad that I bought an Internet security for mine that gives me the freedom to browse fast and secure. My mind is worry-free when it comes to viruses, spam, spy ware and phishing.

I was in fact a victim of phishing a year ago and it was an agony! It pissed me off knowing that someone steal a personal information about me. That was a moment that I was determined to find the best internet security to protect me from all these Internet problems. I am not knowledgeable in IT that is why I need a protection that will combat all these Internet attacks.

How about you? You need an Internet Security as soon as possible. The need to get an antivirus, antispyware, antiphishing and anti spam for your PC is very important. Do not wait to become a victim of online attacks. Do not be a victim so; protect your online personal file and online activities. Let the Internet protection software do all the combat for you. Order the Internet Protection today and put that worry away!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Amy Winehouse, Dead at 27

This weekend is a sad event for the people in the music industry. Amy Winehouse, the singer who captivated thousand of fans with her album "Back in Black" is dead at 27. Her repulsive drug habit ruined her career and now, took her precious life. Here is one of her biggest hit: Rehab (ironic huh). Her family and friends will always remember the good in Amy and she will always remain close to their heart. My prayers and sympathy to the family, friends and fans.

"A goddess by the microphone, she sings her troubled song", a good description of Amy's talent. With the amazing voice but so much personal turmoil. Her personal life shattered her professional life which is so sad. I am hoping that today's generation of young stars will learn the hazards of drugs and addiction which is in the tail of FAME and fortune.

Address Signs

When I visited Saint Augustine Florida, I noticed that there are so many unique and beautiful architectural designs in the area. We went to old city and the address signs outside of the building was so detailed. Sometimes, it shows in the house address plaques who had lived there once before which is so inspiring. The city is full of history and the charm of the place is so rich and that for me is fascinating.The address plaques in this area are so stylish and full of details. It truly add the city's charm. Their restaurants and establishments also have the mounted address plaque. It attracts the visitors to dine in and really experience the service because the place is full of history. Anyway, do you want to order all kinds of address plaques, personalized home and garden decor and mailboxes? Visit today and see their beautiful and quality products. They offer a very large variety of Whitehall Products which are affordable. For more information, check them out now!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Fun Activities

I am so hooked on blogging for the past days and I am enjoying it especially when blogging tasks kept pouring in. Opportunity aside, I was enjoying posting most of our travels in Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana and Florida. Basically, those are the only four states which my husband and I were together traveling. We are planning to do cruising but most of the time, we cancel it at the last minute. Almost everyday, we travel in short distance to enjoy the beauty of the beach and the beautiful community in Orlando.These two pictures in particular were taken in Mississippi. We live in the Gulf Coast area so, pictures of beaches will always be the the subject of my photography. Roadtrips here heading to New Orleans, Louisiana. Now, I am missing the beignets of cafe Du Monde. What a big sigh!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Be Yourself

I am not an expert of giving advise but, I am a good listener. By listening to others rant, I can have the power to combat my own weaknesses. It gives me an open mind about what's happening around me. We all have problems and we do have our rants in life. We even have lousy aspirations just to belong and get noticed! But, life is exciting and we should not hang on to one aspect which we thought we are not good at! A friend asked me, what do women wants in a man?

There are so many activities to do to divert interests that would somehow uplift the "ego". There's no book that can make you better to attract women. It may works with others and may not work with you. It's good to listen but, use your common sense. Just go out and be yourself. If you are responsible, use that intellect in sensible manner, live normal and you are a career oriented, women will fall for you.

Stop trying so hard for others to notice you. Let the women see who you are by being yourself. If they don't accept you then, they don't deserve you. Just be yourself and enjoy life as it is.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Inspiring Sunrise

I love taking pictures of the sunrise and this happened when we travel towards Orlando Mall.The sky was clear, the traffic was slow and I enjoyed the cool air when I opened the window. I was using my Blackberry phone and we are driving in 40 m/hr but, for me these pictures were taken good. I love the idea of taking pictures with the sun behind the trees.
Look at the sunshine so pretty to look at.
The picture above is my most favorite because I can see clearly the silhouette of the trees.
Just bare with me my friends(",). My happiness is shallow at times, LOL!Mao nia akong tampo karong semanaha para sa Hulagway sa Kinabuhi sa letrang S-SUBANG SA ADLAW. Salamat sa paglaag, bisita ra unya ko ha.

Bad Credit

Are you planning to buy a house this year? Are you hesitant because you are afraid of the financial obligation every month? Don't be! This is the right time to buy a property because of the present status of real estate business which is favorable for home buyers. If you have good credit, you will end up paying a low mortgage. But, if you have bad credit, you will be paying higher rates. So, let us explore an option if you are not satisfied with the rate offered by your lender.

You might want to look at buying a home with seller financing which is a viable alternative. Typically, seller financing offers no qualifying, lower interest rate, flexible terms, low down payments and a fast closing. You will want to check with your lender every year or so and see if you qualify for a lower rate by refinancing.

Just remember when you are purchasing a home property, do not get stressed. You have many options open to you whether you have a high credit score or a low one. Either way you can purchase the home of your dreams it will just be under different terms such as interest rates down payments and monthly payments.

Monday, July 18, 2011


I was watching the Glee on my Netflix account and I was doing my own marathon from the pilot episode to the 22nd episode. It brings back memories of singing, fun, giggles, camaraderie, intrigues, love and of course, friendship. That's the best part, the friendship we created for years. There was a little drama but, when we are singing, it pulled back good times and unity. Before the scheduled practice we came in early at the Little Theatre just to hang out.I worked in the university library and after the library closes in the evening, I went straight to the little theatre for a practice. All of us were excited most of the time especially when our Professor (the late) Lino Y. Abrio treat us all for dinner. We love that! We are like his children and he volunteered to share his time and talent for FREE. That's what I knew of! When we went for a concert in Davao City, most of it comes out from his own pocket without expecting any in return. Just like the Glee mentor in this TV series, he gave out a $1K check so that the Glee will have a picture in the yearbook. There was similarity that is why, I can relate with this TV show. I miss the XU Glee Club, Fr. Cuna and most of all Prof. Lino Y. Abrio.

Halogen Light Bulbs

We just bought a new condo property for a rental business. Before the renter moves in, we did so many things in the house such as changed the locks and fill the empty sockets with Halogen Light Bulbs in the kitchen area. We chose the halogen bulbs because it produces a chemical reaction that increases the lifetime of the filament and prevents darkening of the bulb. It can be operated at a higher temperature too which can result in a higher color temperature thus, it gives a higher luminous efficacy. There was indeed a big difference when it comes to light; it is whiter and brighter. The light is not scattered to each direction so; it gives the room much brighter.I like the optical system design which gives that efficiency in how the light was being emitted. These Halogen bulbs are widely used in stage and studio lighting because of the ideal light conditions. It produces light quality, life span and the price is just right on the budget. It is worth buying for because it served its purpose. Buy this product now for they offer tree shipping on orders $100 above! For more information, just check out the Website today or call them at 1-888-505-2111.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Relaxing Time

While we live in Mississippi, relaxing time is when we go to the beach or visit the hotel/casino in the area. We sometimes just sit in one of the benches there with our over the counter take-out lunch, life is easier.Here in Orlando, we did the same thing. When we want a quite time, we drive down Cocoa Beach and just hang out there enjoying the cool breeze. I love taking pictures so, I enjoyed this type of activity. What's yours?

Deposition Services

Are you searching for professional court reporting services that can deliver end results and all aspects of deposition assignments? If the company knows what they are doing, it will make your job easy and gives your mind stress-free. You need a reliable, fast, helpful and a company that cares about you and your business. You have nothing to worry if the service you need is at a certain place. Even if they have no office, Depo Texas will see to it that you will be assisted and your needed service will be accommodated well.When you encountered a mind-bugging need of rushed transcripts and last minute court reporters, Depo Texas is the answer. You don't need to go any further research. Just check the Website now and check the services which they can provide to you and your company. When opposing counsel’s reporters don’t show, don't panic because Depo Texas is there for you. If you need to have those most advanced legal video services, pocket transcripts, interpreters and Internet depositions, all you need to do is to contact this company.For more information about Depo Texas, please visit the link which is provided here. Hire Depo Texas, the leader in world-class deposition services.

Fill the World with Love

When I was in high school, I was in a church choir. We had a beach get together party and we hired a boat to sail us to the river and off to the beach area. As we were sailing, we sang religious songs and one particular song that I can't forget is the song Fill the World with Love. It was memorable because I was staring at the gorgeous sunset. It was serene and just beautiful. Happy Listening! I saw this children's choir in you tube, you might check on them too. In the morning of my life I shall look to the sunrise.
At a moment in my life when the world is new.
And the blessing I shall ask is that God will grant me,
To be brave and strong and true,
And to fill the world with love my whole life through.

And to fill the world with love
And to fill the world with love
And to fill the world with love my whole life through

In the noontime of my life I shall look to the sunshine,
At a moment in my life when the sky is blue.
And the blessing I shall ask shall remain unchanging.
To be brave and strong and true,
And to fill the world with love my whole life through


In the evening of my life I shall look to the sunset,
At a moment in my life when the night is due.
And the question I shall ask only I can answer.
Was I brave and strong and true?
Did I fill the world with love my whole life through?


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Medical Negligence Lawyer

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Sunrise in Cagayan de Oro

A week before my flight back to the US, I stayed at the rooftop of my place to watch the sunrise. I love my rooftop because of the 360 degrees view of my neighborhood, sight of take off and landing of airplanes, a bonus of sunsets and sunrise spectacular viewing.When I was a child, I dreamed to have a circular prayer room at the middle of the rooftop. My mother would love that idea for sure!. Seeing the beautiful sky like this, feeling of serenity fills my heart.
We live near the airport and the sound of the airplanes come and go didn't bother me at all. Infact, the kids in my family love to visit our place just to see the glimpse of the big airplane.
The clouds above, I visualized two cupids facing each other:-) what do you think?
The sky is so colorful. What a work of art! An amazing touch of nature, right? Well, thanks for stopping by. Stay out of trouble everyone!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hyundai Dealer in Florida

Few months ago, we bought a new van and I found it online while searching for a particular body type of car. Actually, my husband drives it more and I am on the verge of buying my own car. Of course, Florida Hyundai Dealer comes up on my search for 2012 Hyundai Genesis. This car is probably the innovation of the 2011 Hyundai Genesis which has Express Open and Close Glass Sunroof, Heated Windshield, Navigation System with Voice Activation and I find it so awesome!The car that I want should have an excellent entertainment features such as Bluetooth Wireless Phone Connectivity, Video Player With DVD, Digital Audio Input, has Audio System Memory Card Slot, Mp3 Player and with Surround Audio. Safety is the most important for me and this car has Braking Assist and Stability Control.

If you are looking for Hyundai Genesis cars, check out West Palm Beach Florida Hyundai, Delray, Wellington, Coconut Creek and in Boynton Beach. These dealer companies have used cars which are in good condition. Visit the Website now and see their thousand of car inventories.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Haircut Day

A little more trim and this task is done! For three years, I did the haircut of my husband. Just for heads up, I don't have the experience or the skill to do this thing. Just to save few bucks, I just learn this skill.Here's the forest-looking hair of my husband when it's long. He got this huge wavy set of hair and it makes him look older.
With my hair, I need to go to a parlor for trimmings. I can't do it with my hair that's for sure.

Monday, July 11, 2011

New Jersey Real Estate

Have you heard someone say, this is the right time to buy a property because it's on the buyers advantage? It's all over the business news! The real estate industry sank bottom and thousands of amazing foreclosure properties are available for the new home owners. If you are searching for a commercial, retail and high-end residential real estate in Monmouth County, don't go any further. Visit or call them for an appointment.Check out the listings of this company if you are scouting for a Professional and medical class A office space, retail or even shopping centers. This Website is a good resource to find your future home or find the location for your property income. If you love Oceanfront luxury condos which is also my biggest preference or simply waterfront homes, just check out the New Jersey Real Estate listings. Who wouldn't want a house with the beautiful view of the blue sea? I think most of us would love it! Start searching a property right here!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Caylee: She's Going Places

This is a tribute for Caylee Anthony written by Cledus T Judd featuring Gary Levox from RASCAL FLATTS. What a tearjerking music indeed! Let's accept the truth that the case is closed! Let us not stressed ourselves in finding Justice for this little girl. No matter what we do, the Jurors voted NOT GUILTY and it's close! Vote for Caylee's Law instead so that, there will never be another Caylee who will suffer a terrible death!

She was just a baby, barely 2 years old
A story that shouldn’t have to be told
See that little girl with big brown eyes
Stole our hearts and touched our lives
Now we cry, ’cause we can’t understand

You see she wanted to learn to play guitar,
Be a ballerina or movie star
She could’ve gone so far

She can be anything that she wants to
She can ride her bike every afternoon
She can laugh and play
With her dolls and games
Just like all little girls should get to do
Too young for her life to be taken
She’s going places

I bet she’d spend her time skipping rope
Drawing rainbows on streets that are paved with gold
Get to ride a big wheel jumping curves
In a parking lot of a great big church
And I wish I could see it all

But her memory will live on right here
Till i get over there
And see her again

She can be anything that she wants to
She can ride her bike every afternoon
She can laugh and play in those backyard games
Just like all little girls should get to do
Too young for her life to be taken
Shes going places

She can play kickball
Go swim and see-saw
Just like all little girls should get to do

We will sing sweet Caylee’s praises
She’s safe in the arms of God’s good graces
She’s going places

Delicious Desserts

OMG! Look at this tiramisu custard which is so deliciously tempting! I love desserts but, I am picky and tiramisu is just one of my favorites. I like any type of layered dessert too as well as any flavored custards. No wonder that by the looks of this picture, I am drooling for one already. If you are curious about this dessert, visit the link for information on how to prepare this for your own family. My husband love this type of dessert too aside from eating crackers with light cheese and pepper jack cheese as his comfort food. He can't live a day without cheese and milk. Well, for me as long as the food taste great and I am loving it, I can eat over and over again. Desserts are always a good thing right? In fact, I am getting one for me right now! Just check out the links for more desserts and recipes.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Family Activity

Are you searching for Free Online Games ? Just check the Free Games of this Website and you will be amazed the kind of games they have. I love to unwind and playing on my PC is just one of the activities that I enjoyed. We need to have a balance in everything that we do in life. Sometimes, we have to find something that entertain us to cut the routine of work and home. We play, we exercise, we work and we do our role as a student, a parent and a friend. But, when it comes to entertaining ourselves, playing games indoor especially using the PC is fun. Try it! Do this activity with your family at home. Healthy competition is fun with family members.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Fireworks at Lake Eola

Fourth July celebration in Orlando, Florida is always a spectacular in the eyes of children as well as grown-ups! Fireworks in Disney World, in Universal and even in private neighborhoods, the celebration is amazing. This year, the display of the new dancing fountain with amazing lights at Lake Eola Park brought so much excitement and joy for thousands of spectators.We wanted to be early so we can park in a good spot and we don't want to pay $20 or higher for a parking space either. We were able to find a good space for $10 just across the street. Arriving at 7PM with thousands of people already found their good spot, we did able to find a good place too. We brought our handy chair and as we waited for 2 hours, the time seemed dragging.
All in all, the fireworks spectacular display was totally AWESOME! It followed after the dancing fountain display as all the lights in the park was put off to dim! Mote pictures and videos to share soon.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Green Tea

I love drinking iced tea. In fact, it's one of my favorite drinks when we dine out. The health benefits of Green tea includes reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, dental cavities, kidney stones and cancer. It also improves bone density and cognitive function therefore, it's a healthy drink for me.

Selena Gomez is a Good Girl

Have you heard bad publicity about Selena Gomez? I bet not! Aside from the hateful messages from jealous fans of Justin Bieber, Selena is doing great in her career. I was watching one of her long TV interview while promoting her latest movie titled Monte Carlo.She came from Texas particularly in Grand Prairie. Her mom is of Italian descent and her father is a Mexican-American. At an early age, her mother becomes a single mom who had three jobs at one time to support Selena. They go to a dollar store to fill their pantry, so normal and ordinary family who have big dreams. When Selena started going to school, she already had a TV show as Gianna in Barney and Friends. Her school life is not fun and she was subject to bullies. She would come home crying and one time hated school. I can't blame her for that. Look at her now! A successful young lady and still have so many milestones to make. One of the good girl in Hollywood and I am hoping that she will continue in this career path and follow her dreams. Stay away from bad influence Selena and continue being the inspiration of the young and teens.

Flood Damage in Austin

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Fireworks at Lake Eola

I always love to watch the fireworks. Hubby hates to be in the big crowd so, to be around in any huge activity and big events in the city I have to convince him with so much effort. Not this month though because it's my birthday month. We laugh about it as if he was cornered with all my requests. We went to Lake Eola yesterday.This is the location in Downtown Orlando where the spectacular fireworks happened for the 4th of July celebration. Thousand of people gathered in Lake Eola where we waited for the 15 minute fireworks display and it started following the fountain display.We arrived downtown at 7PM after the storm had passed and the heavy traffic was beyond imagination but, it's moving good. There were huge parking lots in the area so, it can accommodate thousands of residents and visitors for any big events like this. It will be just a test of patience for everyone to find the good spot.We managed to get a secure parking space with $10 fee just near the Lake Eola Park. We brought our handy chair and found a good spot just across the fountain site.It was truly spectacular! There were concerts at the Amphitheater stage featuring Orlando Concert Band but, when you are seated further than the amphitheater and only hearing their presentation, boredom takes over. One person said, he was there for 40 minutes and the waiting seems like years which is true. The picture above is the fountain display at Lake Eola.

Importance of SEO

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Monday, July 4, 2011

Scene at Orange County Courthouse

Our visit to the Orange County Courthouse today was exciting! Hubby and I wanted to see the crowd and observe how they are behaving. Of course, each day has different sets of people who wanted to get a number to get into the courtroom of the Casey Anthony Murder Trial. We arrived at noontime and this was the scene outside at the Orange County Courthouse. I saw one TV station having an interview with the people on the line. If I wanted to be in the courtroom tomorrow, I could have gotten a number but, we went to a pizza place to eat lunch so, we leave this line.
Few days ago, to be on this line one must have to be here at dawn time. There were fights happened here too coz some people are overtaking a line. Today, there's an argument between a guy and a woman basically arguing about Casey's relationship with men. Other than that, the crowd was alright.
The lady wearing pink asked me if I was on the line. I replied NO and she moved on to the next in line and introduced herself to us as a reporter. Most of the crowd was not shy in fact, when there's camera, they easily swarm the media.
There's few of the people I mingled in this area and it's interesting to note that when we saw each other in a restaurant nearby, we smiled and acknowledged each other's presence. One lady even showed me the picture she took of George Anthony and Cindy Anthony walking back to the courtroom. There's a feeling of unity and friendship in the air because when we went inside the restaurant, everybody has this welcoming gesture. I realized that we are all strangers but, pretty much unite in the cause of finding Justice for Caylee Anthony!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

America the Beautiful

written by: Katharine Lee Bates

Happy Fourth of July! I would like to share this song to all of us who enjoyed the Gift of FREEDOM and LIBERTY which this country has given us!

( This is a poem by Katharine Lee Bates, first appeared in print in The Congregationalist, a weekly journal, on July 4, 1895. She revised the lyrics in 1904 and again in 1913-

O beautiful for spacious skies,
For amber waves of grain,
For purple mountain majesties
Above the fruited plain!

America! America!
God shed His grace on thee,
And crown thy good with brotherhood
From sea to shining sea!
O beautiful for pilgrim feet
Whose stern impassion'd stress
A thoroughfare for freedom beat
Across the wilderness.

America! America!
God mend thine ev'ry flaw,
Confirm thy soul in self-control,
Thy liberty in law.

O beautiful for heroes prov'd
In liberating strife,
Who more than self their country loved,
And mercy more than life.

America! America!
May God thy gold refine
Till all success be nobleness,
And ev'ry gain divine.

O beautiful for patriot dream
That sees beyond the years
Thine alabaster cities gleam
Undimmed by human tears.

America! America!
God shed His grace on thee,
And crown thy good with brotherhood
From sea to shining sea.

Friday, July 1, 2011

A Popular Game

When I lived in Mississippi, I was working in the Casino in Biloxi which is a casino based tourism industry place. I was so excited when my immediate Supervisor hand me my work schedule, when to pick up my uniforms and report to a doctor for my health test. It really amazed me what it's like to work inside the casino. There is no free bingo no deposit and free no deposit bingo in my workplace since, these games can only be played online. Working in this environment is fun! I met a lot of unusual people, enjoyed the tip of chips and the sound of slot machines. Anyway, games such as no deposit bingo and bingo no deposit is a popular game in UK and I wonder if it's true in the US too. What do you think?


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